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If you thought you couldn't love coffee more, just wait until you try this roast. It's the perfect balance of rich, nutty, and creamy.

Hand roasted in small batches for NOVAA in Kansas City

Bean Country of Origin: Columbia & Brazil

  • Fairly Sourced
  • Sustainably farmed



My navy cowl neck sweater is SO soft. It's very easy to wash. It's somehow incredibly flattering even though you wouldn't think so. It's warm but not too warm. And it's cozy around my neck without me feeling like I'm suffocating.

Washington, DC

I love my Hi-Low Dolman! It is the cutest most comfortable top I've ever worn. After having it for a week, I bought it for my friend who loves it as much as I do. NOVAA's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is inspirational. Our world needs more companies like NOVAA.

Chicago, IL

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