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Grab this flatteringly fitted, sexy dress for any occasion... just because that’s what you feel like doing!  The Aly Dress brings out your emotionally centered confidence and balances it with your motivated and fun-loving spirit.  Take a nod from Aly, and start paving your own path while looking good in this Aly Dress in maroon.

Aly advocates that if you are wearing something sexy, tight, or with high heels, and it makes you feel internally and emotionally centered and confident, then do it, own it, and don’t take any shit for it. “The way we break the stigma is to be loud and have a voice.  Think: This is me. I like wearing this. It makes me feel sexy and I want that right now.” No body shaming. No timidity. No regret.

Featuring ruched sides and made of 90% cotton, 5% poly, & 5% spandex. Model is wearing a small.

Mindful Manufacturing Details:

  • This top was made right here in the US of A. By shopping made in America you are supporting local markets and increasing domestic job opportunities.
  • Additionally, the US has strict regulations on working conditions and each state has minimum wage laws.

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